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100 Days of Ties: Day 79 and the final warmth before the cool down in Denver.

Market Street Station with Sperry, the Hill Side and Lands' End Canvas

I love days like today. The air is warm and slightly heavy, the way it always is before a huge front comes our way drenching us in either snow or rain. Everything is calm, everything is quiet, and soon enough, everything in the Denver Metro area will be covered in a white blanket of the stuff the Eskimos have 26 words for. Myself? I will be heading out of town to take part in some snowshoeing with the family for a day. But then it’s back to it come Friday for New Years Eve.

See you all in 2011. Be safe. Be happy. Be always working hard.


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100 Days of Ties: Day 71 with a high chance of snow. Hence the Gant Rugger Toggle in lieu of vest.

C'mon weatherman. Don't be wrong. The mall would look so nice in snow.

Eyes to the sky again today as Denver cooled off this morning. Hell, I even had to don SLEEVES on my outerwear and switch my bag fromhand to hand to rewarm them, alternating between pockets. As I pieced together today’s look (Gitman for Bonobos, J. Crew, Johnston & Murphy vintage saddles, Levi’s selvedge, Gant Rugger Toggler), I overheard them newspeople chirping something about how we shouldn’t expect this warm weather to last… Wait, wait, wait, wait…. What?!? Effing finally! Maybe all this blogging about unseasonable warmth is paying off? I mean, companies have been generous enough to send product because of content. So maybe the big Man upstairs read the Momentum and too decided Denver needed snow.

So should the Heavens bestow upon the Mile Highers the gift of a white Christmas (or a white birthday this Saturday for me), I will be forever thankful.

Over and out,


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100 Days of Ties: Day 70. Where art thou, winter weather? Denver (I) needs some snow.

With hopeful eyes, I raise my head to the heavens in anticipation...

Listen, I am enjoying not freezing my appendages off on the morning walk to the station, but I am in no way a champion for this mild weather. There is plenty of time throughout the year for my walks not to be bitterly cold, but how in the hell am I supposed to appreciate them when, on December 14, it’s 60+ degrees? Though I am liking the vest/sweater ensemble, bought to you today by Lands End Canvas, with tie by the Hill Side and shirt from J Crew, I have a plethora of overcoats begging to see the light and white of day.

Come on, skies above, make with the good stuff.


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