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Oh, the places I’ve (never) been.

It has come to my attention that I need to travel a bit. My coworkers are taking all these trips. Hell, my COO is in France tooling around on his bicycle while the Tour goes on around him. It all is inspiring me to finally take a trip. I haven’t really done so save for a weekend in Nashville and a wedding last October in Lawrence, KS. Those two destinations were (somewhat) entirely new for me. Lawrence has been visited before but only for a few hours as I passed through to grab a bite on my roadtrip from NYC.

The travel bug has bit again, and it’s going to take more than a penicillin shot this time to get rid of the poison now coursing through my veins. Given the successful reader involvement of yesterday’s post, I decided on my late-leaving-Boulder bus ride last night that, “Hell. I should just let my Twitter contingent (contwingent?) and readers from all over decide where I should send myself. There are a few preexisting conditions I’d like to adhere to:
– Travel must be done over the course of three or four days, so international is out (unless it’s Mexico or Canada
– There are budgetary concerns, so sticking closer to the west coast/mid west/southwest is ideal
– I am most likely traveling alone so a more “major city” would be nice
– I am going somewhere I’ve never been

The last point there… Yes, I could list everywhere I haven’t been, but I thought I’d just let you chime in and I will reply as to whether I’ve been or not. Comment away, and send me somewhere. The place mentioned the most will be my destination. And you can rest knowing you’ve played a part in the history of my life.


The quest for white pants started yesterday.

In a completely accidental, “Will, you need yourself a pair of white pants,” talk with my friend, Judd yesterday, I came to the conclusion, after spotting a few pairs at Gap and J.Crew that, yes, I do in fact need some white pants. Not that I will be soon going for the all-white-jeans-all-the-time AWK look, but for my upcoming jaunt to Central America (Guatemala), I am deeming them necessary.

Crew Beach Pant

The J. Crew beach pant already comes highly recommended, but after coming across a less expensive pair at Gap, I failed to follow through with any purchase yesterday. Obviously I wanted to get home to hit the Net for some comparative shopping (in the spoils of what I scored at J.C.) before making a move. What price point do you put on pants you’re only going to wear seasonally? Winter’s in the Rockies are hardly a venue for white beach pants.

Fall into it...

The Brothers Brooks with a bit more professionalism

Love Rugby, but I'm not feeling this model.

Of course, after all these, snagging a pair from a second-hand store for at most a cool $5, cuffing them up myself, and having enough left over for booze for the rest of the trip does sound intriguing as well. Afterall, I doubt the monkeys and lizards and stray dogs are going to notice a label.

Vacation, all I ever vaunted.

Wisconsin Cheese HeadsThat dude’s face is absolutely priceless. That said, I’m out of here for a bit. No internet, no email…just me and some quality thinking time on vacation. Ben will be posting up the radness and the badness for you. Treat him well. See you real soon.