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100 Days of Ties: Day 86, a long overdue bowtie and one. cold. morning. commute.

Panthers: On my chest and neck. One a tattoo, one a bowtie.

Hard to believe that out of the last 86 days of this 100 Days of Ties project, I’ve only worn a bow tie one other time… I used to be such a champion for the neckwear. I don’t know what happened. That changes today. Or, well, at least I think I need to wear more bows. They’re sharp. I paired today’s Rugby offering with a j Crew pinpoint oxford and Animal’s Official jacket. It was so effing cold this morning though that I refrained from the self-timer and did a quick shot on the bus.

To speak of the panther right quick: Since my youth, the animal has had a special place in my life. Although one of my best friends gave me a homemade tattoo of the beast on my chest, and it is covering that of my bowtie today, I kind of want to get more ink done of it. Professionally. Problem is, I’ve only seen it done so very cheeseball-esque. Tribal style or way too over the top. I need someone to draw up some wicked design for me. Any takers? Also, on the bowtie front, I shall be ordering meself some Pierrepont today.Their 2K11 sale is on…

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100 Days of Ties: Day 85, J. Crew wool, and natural human reactions.

That chloride is gonna ruin the Bean mocs.

I didn’t mean to laugh. And I didn’t do it so loud that he heard me. But on the icy, icy walk this morning from uptown to downtown to catch the bus, I ended up waling behind a guy who slipped, fell flat on his ass, spilled his recently purchased coffee from 7-11, and generally kicked off the week with a pretty crappy bang. What did I do? I did what anyone who grew up watching America’s Funniest Home Videos would do: I laughed. I quickly covered my mouth because, man, that sucks for him. But my natural reaction was to laugh…and hear Bob Saget narrate the entire thing in some goofy voice. I helped the gent up and said sorry about his coffee and went on my way.

Why do we laugh at things like this? I just needed to see a dad get hit in the jewels by his kid in some facet and then a cat try to jump onto a table and fail miserably, and my morning would have been complete. Well, the day is still young, I suppose…

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100 Days of Ties: Day 71 with a high chance of snow. Hence the Gant Rugger Toggle in lieu of vest.

C'mon weatherman. Don't be wrong. The mall would look so nice in snow.

Eyes to the sky again today as Denver cooled off this morning. Hell, I even had to don SLEEVES on my outerwear and switch my bag fromhand to hand to rewarm them, alternating between pockets. As I pieced together today’s look (Gitman for Bonobos, J. Crew, Johnston & Murphy vintage saddles, Levi’s selvedge, Gant Rugger Toggler), I overheard them newspeople chirping something about how we shouldn’t expect this warm weather to last… Wait, wait, wait, wait…. What?!? Effing finally! Maybe all this blogging about unseasonable warmth is paying off? I mean, companies have been generous enough to send product because of content. So maybe the big Man upstairs read the Momentum and too decided Denver needed snow.

So should the Heavens bestow upon the Mile Highers the gift of a white Christmas (or a white birthday this Saturday for me), I will be forever thankful.

Over and out,


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100 Days of Ties: Day 70. Where art thou, winter weather? Denver (I) needs some snow.

With hopeful eyes, I raise my head to the heavens in anticipation...

Listen, I am enjoying not freezing my appendages off on the morning walk to the station, but I am in no way a champion for this mild weather. There is plenty of time throughout the year for my walks not to be bitterly cold, but how in the hell am I supposed to appreciate them when, on December 14, it’s 60+ degrees? Though I am liking the vest/sweater ensemble, bought to you today by Lands End Canvas, with tie by the Hill Side and shirt from J Crew, I have a plethora of overcoats begging to see the light and white of day.

Come on, skies above, make with the good stuff.


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100 Days of Ties: Day 58: A Canadian Tuxedo in time for Thanksgiving (?)

Tie: The Hill Side Raw Denim in Indigo / Shirt: J. Crew Chambray / Denim: Levi's / Jacket: Gant Rugger (obviously) / Coffee: Circle K Supercharged / Hair: Windblown

So it was a decent and almost pleasant walk through the morning air in Denver today en route to the bus. I thought, “Well, seeing as how last night I expected snow on the ground, today is going to be great.” Then, BAM! I get to boulder and the wind is whipping harder than Indiana Jones. It was one of those lean-forward-like-you’re-in-a-cartoon winds, too. Not fun. I then realized that, damn, if it weren’t for the scarf and jacket, I’d be a regular Denim Dan. I must’ve been tired this morning. But what’s done is done, and I’m now owning the J. Crew / Hill Side / LL Bean / Levi’s / Highland Home Industries get up. It’s all I can do. Just gotta go out there and give’r.

If you get that reference, we’re friends. Good friends.

UPDATE: I was just informed by my coworker that the outfit is more of a Canadian Casual Friday than a Canadian Tuxedo.

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