100 Days of Ties: Day 88 with Jimmy Eat World, Gant Rugger, and those Gitman Brothers.

I need to use a better camera for these shots. Next 100 Days of whatever...

To combat, or at least make use of my insomnia, I have decided that getting in a 3-4 mile run before 6AM is a good idea. Not that it really does anything to help me return to slumber, it’s a good use of time that would otherwise be spent staring at the ceiling. So I’ve been strapping on my new Lunarswifts and hitting the cold pavement and brisk air. I haven’t run in a good long while, so I haven’t listened to those workout mixes I made oh so lopng ago. Dusting off an old iPod, they were still on there and ready to be played. I forgot how stocked with Jimmy Eat World they were/are. I forgot too how much I liked Jimmy Eat World. Instantly transported back a few years, I shadowboxed through most of my run today to Bleed American, or S/T, depending on when you bought it….So, join me in a bit of classic nostalgia, won’t you?

I was stoked, too, for the 20 degree morning versus the 5 degree one yesterday. It was downright TROPICAL out there today!


Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - Another day of the great office furniture shuffle. Dockers d3 Lands’ End tie PRL shirt Sore back

Brent / dimpledfourinhand.wordpress.com - Yes, it is possible to get caught taking a picture in the privacy of your very own office. Especially when the office has an outside window. I just smiled and waved. TM Lewin shirt and tie. Jos Bank suit.

Sam / eatingeverywhere.com - Job interview day. Grey J.Crew suit and Burgundy J.Crew tie with Navy gingham shirt from Barneys New York. I mention the colors because I’m not sure if I should go with black or brown belt & shoes. Gentlemen??

thisfits.tumblr.com - Whoa, didn't realize it's been over a month since I contributed. Shirt: Lands' End Canvas Knit Tie: eBay Sweater: Lands' End Canvas Vest: Lands' End Harris Tweed Jacket: eBay

Help Sam out with them color choices, all. 88 days down. 12 to go…. Wow.

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