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100 Days of Ties: Day 82, the dead leaves, the dirty ground, and riding the bus with my sister.

Scorpions, rocking my neck like a hurricane via Lands' End Canvas.

I switched it up a bit this morning and did a shot with a new camera app I got on my phone. I liked the way it turned out, so I used it in lieu of the standard pose. And, no, my sister isn’t on the bus with me today, but she does delight in taking the Light Rail from the burbs to the city to come see me, so she’s with me in spirit.

Anyway, I strapped on the Lands’ End Canvas scorpions today with the Animal Command jacket and an svelt OCBD from J.Crew. My dapper feeling almost had the kibash thrown on it as I headed out the door this AM and slipped on a patch of black ice at the foot of the stairs of my building. Luckily, it was 6:30 and no one was walking by. I would have looked quite the fool. Or not. I don’t think I really would have cared…

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100 Days of Ties: Day 60: Amusement Tuesdays with Enjoi, Louie Barletta, and pandas and wools.

Sweater: Enjoi / Tie: Billy Reid / Shirt: Lands' End Canvas / Belly of the Beast: Cluttered / TV on DVD: Watched and Rewatched many a-time

In my prior life, I might just have been an eleventeen year-old girl as I have had an affinity for all things panda for as far back as I can remember. It’s what I named one of my first solo projects after (if you know me, you’ll get the title of this post better), it’s what I have been for Halloween, and the love of the animal is what initially drew me towards the fine product of Enjoi. Though the antics of Jerry Hsu, Louie Barletta, Colt Cannon, Caswell Berry, Jose Rojo and Marc Johnson (now gone) kept my attention, I was on a quest back in my skating daze to acquire most of their collection. So, when i was cleaning out my closet recently (you can’t tell from the picture), I was pretty stoked to come upon the Enjoi Panda Sweater that took me a LONG time to find back in the day.

So, with that in mind, kill some time watching Louie Barletta’s spot from Enjoi’s first video, Man Down. My fave point comes at 1:23….

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100 Days of Ties: Day 55: Sick Day / The Show Must Go On

What I felt coming on yesterday seems to have taken hold of me today and rendered me bed-ridden and quite weak. So while I am not able to really move much less tie a tie today, the show must go on. Lots of good submissions today. And as they say, no rest for the weary. I do it for you. I also upped an jam from my former band, Stab!Heart!Kiss!Kill! on the Tumblr for your listening pleasure. I’ll do another today. Enjoy. And thanks.

Playin axe in the old band.

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100 Days of Ties: Day 48: Waking up to winter storm warnings and not wearing J. Crew

Jacket: Animal Command / Pants: Uniqlo / Sweater, Tie, Bag: Lands' End Canvas / Shirt: H&M / Parking Garage: One way

Today marked one of the first of the “cold” morning of the season. Yeah a few weeks back I donned the Animal Command as the frigid temperature pre 6AM deemed it necessary, but today was the first time I didn’t work up a sweat in it on the walk to the bus. Today also marked the first time I took a gander in my closet and was sort of turned off by anything J. Crew. I used to be the biggest fanboy/posterchild for them. Weird how when you open yourself up to new brands, you find better fits, more options, and all at somewhat better prices…depending. For instance, today’s tie comes courtesy of the Lands’ End Canvas. I dig the scorpions in a huge way:

So with that said, it seems yesterday’s Crew / button post gathered a few comments. I have sent the post along to the heads at J. Crew. Now we wait. But in the meantime, if you have a story to add about their product that you MAY like to see rectified (fingers crossed), feel free to share. It may take an army, but I think we need to get something done here…

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100 Days of Ties: Day 46: An accidental J. Crew trifecta

Shirt, sweater, tie: J. Crew / Bag: Lands' End Canvas (aka my new fave) / Jacket: Gant Rugger Toggler

In my rushed sleep-hangover stupor this morning, I put very little thought into today’s ensemble, grabbing a random shirt, tie, and sweater. And wouldn’t you know it? All items are J. Crew. The sweater is still among my fave based on color and fit in particular, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t spend a good deal of last night starting a post on my recent disappointment with said brand… Don’t get me wrong, I still like what Crew has to offer, and I think, that after seeing some of the photos from their upcoming collection, they still got game, I also think that when a brand fails to perform, they should also be notified. And as J. Crew has proven less than responsive cvia email and social networks, I must use my other outlet to highlight the issues. Post to come…

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100 Days of Ties: Day 45: Decisions for Black Hawk, CO

Clearly, I need some organization....

I took the day off work today to pack and prepare for the bachelor party weekend of a close friend. It’s a given I will be wearing a tie today, but it won’t be until tonight when the boys hit the town ala Swingers, The Hangover and the slew of other Vegas flicks. Except, instead of Sin City, we’ll be wrecking the streets of the quaint Black hawk, CO. As I am currently packing, I am also trying to pick the right neackwear from the slew of offerings pictured. Yeah, before you throw stones, I am well aware of the fact I need a better tie rack, so you can just skirt the comments on that. Or well maybe I go tieless, eh? That whole two-top-buttons-undone look, for a real cheeseball thing…

Whatever way I go, you will not see from pictures. Whatever happens in Black Hawk…should stay in Black Hawk because, well, no one wants to see that.

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100 Days of Ties: Day 42: J. Crew on J. Crew and a healthy dose of crosswords

Shirt, Tie: J. Crew / Denim, Belt: Levi's / Shoes: Sebago / Bag: Lands' End Canvas / Jacket: Gant Rugger Toggler / Crosswords: Completed and recycled

It was freezing this morning, despite the fact that Melody Mendez told me that by this afternoon, Colorado would be experiencing unseasonable warmth. The walk left me with a running nose, useless and frozen fingers, and blue ankles, not an ideal morning to roll the pants. Though, come 4pm when the weather is supposed to be in the high 60’s, I’ll feel better about the wardrobe “malfunction.” Though I was trekking along at a speedier pace than usual to get my ass out of the cold, I still stopped at my go-to Denver Daily News paper stand and gabbed today’s isse to read up on local going-ons and crush the crossword puzzle before even boarding the bus. Even with the frigid hands, I aced the puzzle before the 6:38 departure time. But I have noticed something strange over the past couple of days and throughout the 5-10 puzzles I play a day: there has been an unusually high volume of “Ono,” Afro,” “Plebe,” “Itsallgood,” and “Dyed,” answers… Seasonal? Afro?

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