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Of coincidences, commuters, and chainrings.

Andrew's creation

Deciding a few days ago that I want to get back on the streets atop a pedal-driven iron horse, it was apropos my buddy just received and assembled his Republic bicycle creation. I went by his apartment to check it out. Seems like it will do the job, so now I am on their site deciding between customizing one myself, choosing one of their popular colorways, or hitting the “random” button until something catches my eye. I first came across these November of 09 but didn’t give them much consideration until another friend emailed me a month after said post stating he got one and liked it. Then Andrew got one (pictured). Then my favorite BSE Club member notifies me that she, too, has one and likes it. And today, Urban Outfitters blasts me an email with a link to their “bike shop,” which is basically a glorified version on the Republic bike site itself, which I guess is the point.

However, I thought to make life a little more interesting, I would see what you all could come up within designing a bike for yours truly. If you feel so inclined, and I do hope you do, go to Republic’s site, build me up an Aristotle, and the one I like best will not only be purchased*, its designer will get a reward of some sort (TBD). Remember, too, to make it a single speed. ACL deficiencies in both knees have me a little less than excited about getting back up on a fixie.

*Purchased when and if I sell my Pista Concept.

Writing the Wrongs: Confessions from a Copic Multiliner

Copic Multiliner SPIt’s good to know people in positions of power, be it #1 of the Stonecutters or, in my case, a good friend readying to one day take over operations at my favorite Denver-based art supply store, Meininger’s. Familiar with my penchant for hand-written correspondence, he’s quick to let me try out supplies, knowing I will put the pens and paper to good use. Though I’ve been a Micron fanatic for some time, last visit to the Boulder location, I came across the refillable Copic Multiliners. I wrote much with it on the flights to and from Nashville that following week, mostly “pros and cons” lists, a few confessions which is cathartic, and “What I’d do if there were no consequences…” scenarios. Problem was, I didn’t realize they needed a refill. Which is fine as a trip to Boulder this weekend sounds ideal.

Meiningers Art Supply - Denver

An essential: The pocket comb.

Pocket Comb

Ace is #1

It wasn’t until I chopped off my locks in favor of the JFK pomp that I thought to start carrying a pocket comb. Now, I am not sure how I ever got by without one. Quickly becoming a staple of my everyday garb, I use the little plastic piece as often as humanly possible. The office might think I ate something bad as trips to the mirror have become more frequent, but I care not. Plus, every time I pull the teeth of the $1.50 treasure through my do, I feel more and more like Ace from Wild Zero. And any girl that gets that reference is now the love of my life.The damn thing even says Ace…It’s perfect.

Wild Zero


Forgoing lunch for Filson

In what comes as some shocking and quite troubling news to me, it appears the Filson store in Cherry Creek is closing its doors for good soon. While this comes as good news for my bank account, it isn’t so much for me personally as I quite enjoyed my weekly trips there during lunch hours at work. That said, my older brother and I have decided to take one last journey there today before they click the locks for the last time.

Supposedly they are having one hell of a screaming sale on select items, one of which I hope is their Field Duffle. Though I have and like the weekender I currently use on the norm, I see nothing at all wrong with adding another to the collection, especially if the price is right. Going with a Filson is more of an investment anyhow as it will most likely last you a lifetime. And considering I plan on developing some magic potion to become immortal, having gear that can keep up would be preferred. Furthermore, if Apocalypse does eventually happen and I have to fight some race of mutant zombie vampire blood-thirsty cretins, picking up one of Filson’s Super Shooting Shirts would be in order. Or I could just wear it around. How awesome would that be? “Hey Will, what’s with the shirt? Where ya goin?” Shootin…

From the mills in Woolrich, Pennsylvania with love.

It was a little over a week ago when in my inbox, an email appeared from Woolrich asking me to compile a sort of “wish list.” They said they would “see what they could do” about getting to me the items with which I populated the list. Seeing as how it was semi-unprecedented (“semi” because I did actually ask them about a deal on a key chain prior), I had to decide where to begin with this extremely generous offer. Seeing as how the Buffalo Key Ring was what sparked my initial interest in getting at Woolrich, I put that on there, and as you can see, my keys became that much more American, even with the Acura car key. However, I thought it quite the disservice to myself if I didn’t also include some of Woolrich’s signature woolen items. Enter a pair of slippers and a huge throw.

“Seeing what they could do” meant sending me the very items on the list, no charge. So, you can imagine the ecstatic state in which I found myself last night upon arriving home from work and finding not one, but two boxes at my doorstep. I ripped open the larger of the two and pulled out some factory fresh items direct from the woolen mills of Woolrich, Pennsylvania. Inside were the slippers, throw, and key ring that I had put on the list. After dressing the ring with keys and after settling down from a long day at the office, I forewent dinner and opted for a night with the lights dim, the TV off, and the Elliott Smith on. I laid under the blanket for hours until the next thing I knew, it was 3:30am and I had been asleep for the better part of 8 hours already. Where I would usually, at that point, drag myself off the couch and into bed, I opted to stay under my new Woolrich blanket and stay put until my alarm went off at 6:30am. What’s another 3 hours sleeping on a couch, right? Oh, and more on the other box tomorrow.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Woolrich for this more than generous offering. Your entire staff deserves a round of applause on not only providing such fine items but for exceeding in the area of customer service. It was truly a pleasure working with you on this.